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Results from three studies highlight the importance of booster doses, raising the question of who should be considered fully vaccinated

Why some people who catch Covid are still showing up to work
• American Airlines flight bound for UK turns around mid-flight over mask rule compliance • Rep. Massie tests positive for Covid, says he's unvaccinated

Covid detected in Beijing Winter Olympic arrivals

Son says mom died from intentional Covid-19 infection
A Czech folk singer who was opposed to getting a Covid-19 vaccine has died after deliberately contracting the virus, according to her son.

Why some people are having problems ordering free Covid tests
Marisa Diaz y Diaz doesn't understand why her order for the free federal home Covid-19 tests isn't going through.

Opinion: off to a strong start but big hurdle awaits
The Tuesday news that the Biden administration's free rapid Covid-19 test site had gone online a day early, part of a quiet beta launch to test the site, rocketed through social media with such intensity that I was sure the site would crash.

Covid vaccinations do not impair fertility, study finds
A new study adds to growing evidence that there is no connection between Covid-19 vaccinations and a reduced chance of conceiving.

Almost entire town leveled after explosives delivery truck crash in Ghana

Russia never threatened Ukraine, Russian foreign minister says
• Warning US response would be 'swift and severe,' Blinken urges Lavrov to de-escalate • Analysis: Russia-Ukraine showdown nearing a point at which peaceful exit could be impossible • Tensions are high on Ukraine's border with Russia. Here's what you need to know

Airstrikes kill 70 people and knock out internet in Yemen
At least 70 people were killed and more than 130 injured when an airstrike hit a detention center in Yemen on Friday, Doctors Without Borders said, as the Saudi-led coalition continued to ramp up its deadly offensive on rebels in the war-torn nation.