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The storm is unleashing heavy rain and damaging winds in South Carolina and has enough force to alter the coastal landscape
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Before and after: Images show Hurricane Ian storm surge completely destroyed some Sanibel Island, Florida hotels
Many beach cottages that lined the shores of Sanibel Island were wiped away by Hurricane Ian's storm surge, new aerial imagery from NOAA shows.
Aftermath: Ian's death toll reaches at least 42 people
As Florida contends with the ruinous damage left behind by Hurricane Ian in what officials say is likely the largest natural disaster in the state's history, residents in South Carolina are bracing for the storm's expected landfall mid-day Friday.
Hybrid: Ian is no longer a normal hurricane
Ian is no longer a normal hurricane. It is more of a hybrid, combining a hurricane with a typical storm system, and it is already lashing the Georgia and Carolina coasts with ferocious winds and rainfall.
Sanibel: Hurricane-ravaged island 'is cut off from the world'
An older couple who rode out Hurricane Ian in their home on Sanibel Island in Florida could not agree on evacuating after parts of the causeway to the mainland were destroyed.
Watch: CNN reporter helps save stranded civilians in Florida
CNN's chief climate correspondent Bill Weir rides with civilian volunteers known as the "Cajun Navy" and "Project Dynamo" in efforts to save stranded civilians from the devastation left by Hurricane Ian on Sanibel Island.
'I can't do this': Woman calls for help as home floods
Hope Labriola stood naked on her bed, the water rising in her mobile home, as Hurricane Ian roared overhead.
Florida farms: Underwater and without power
About 15% of Nick Wishnatzki's 650-acre family strawberry farm sustained damage from Hurricane Ian. His fields in Duette, Florida, are underwater, and plastic used to protect the carefully prepped fields for planting season in November, were ripped off by Ian's 100-mph winds. That's sent Wishnatzki scrambling to get back on track.
Opinion: The hurricane problem Florida could have avoided
After hours of battling Hurricane Ian's high winds, torrential rain and storm surges nearing 12 feet in some locations, residents are left to pick up the pieces. In the hours and days after Ian, the true destruction will be revealed, shedding light on the hardest hit areas.
The turning points in Russia's invasion of Ukraine
• Live Updates: US responds to what it calls Russia's 'fraudulent' annexation • Jailed dissident Alexey Navalny says Russia must be transformed after war • US imposing 'swift and severe costs' on Russia