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Trouble for Chinese AI Unicorns, Physics of a Kung Fu Master's Jump, and More News.
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.
Why Ring Doorbells Perfectly Exemplify the IoT Security Crisis
A new wave of reports about the home surveillance cameras getting hijacked by creeps is painfully familiar.
Greta Thunberg Blasts ‘Creative PR’ in Her Climate Speech
In her latest talk at a major climate change conference, the Swedish activist accused politicians and big business of misleading the public.
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Revolt\! Scientists Say They're Sick of Quantum Computing's Hype
A Twitter account called Quantum Bullshit Detector reflects some researchers' angst about overhyped claims and other troubling trends.
Anti-Vape Laws Could Do More Harm Than Good
Banning vaping just might drive teens to the black market—and send adult smokers back to their cancer sticks.
The War on Polio Just Entered Its Most Dangerous Phase
Though victory is close, the eradication campaign is on some very fragile ground. 
The Tale of WeWork Is Being Made Into a TV Show
*Succession* star Nicholas Braun, aka Cousin Greg, is set to star as WeWork’s founder Adam Neumann. 
A Kung Fu Master’s Leap Breaks the Internet—but Not Physics
A viral video appears to show a man jumping off water. What’s really going on here?
Here’s How to Survive Sitting in the Bleachers This Winter
Our favorite gear to fend off the cold if you're braving the elements to see a football game this season—socks, gloves, hand warmers, and more.
7 Best Cheap Smartphones for (Almost) Every Budget
The absolute best Android phones and iPhones you can buy for $200 to $600.


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