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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

What Are Your Options for Cognitive Enhancement?
Some technologists use psychedelics to boost creativity and productivity. Here’s how to get similar benefits through more conventional approaches.
AI and the Future of Work: The Prospects for Tomorrow’s Jobs
MIT conference considers companies that have implemented job-friendly AI
Pioneering Astronomy Experiment Begins Beyond the Moon
The radio astronomy experiment will listen for signals from the early universe
writing jobs online
For Centuries, People Dreamed of a Machine That Could Produce Language. Then OpenAI Made One
OpenAI’s GPT-2 program churns out natural language that’s remarkably coherent—and that’s a problem
The Fight Over Encrypted DNS: Explained
DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS both do what they are designed to do. So what's all the fighting about?
Help Rescuers Find Missing Persons With Drones and Computer Vision
A new contest aims to help first responders leverage computer vision algorithms and drone imagery during a search
Screening Technique Found 142 Malicious Apps in Apple's App Store
A new kind of coding analysis detects when a malicious program is embedded within a normal app
In 2016, Microsoft’s Racist Chatbot Revealed the Dangers of Online Conversation
The bot learned language from people on Twitter—but it also learned values
AI and the Future of Work: The Economic Impacts of Artificial Intelligence
Experts discuss technological inequality and the “reskilling” problem at an MIT conference
How Brexit Will Affect Europe’s Research Infrastructure
Early indications are that UK R&D will be significantly hurt


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