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F.T.C. Is Said to Consider an Injunction Against Facebook
Such an action would seek to block a technical integration of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, people familiar with the matter said.
Apple AirPods Pro Review: The ‘Hearable’ at Its Best
At $249, Apple’s noise-canceling wireless earbuds are a strong contender in the high-end earphones market.
YouTube Takes Tougher Stance on Harassment
A new policy is a response to criticism that the video service hasn’t done enough to curb bad behavior by users.
writing jobs online
This Is Not About How Young People Use Tech
Taylor Lorenz, who writes about internet culture, explains how she keeps her finger on the pulse.
George Laurer, Who Developed the Bar Code, Is Dead at 94
Every purchase evokes his design of the rectangular Universal Product Code. But although it became ubiquitous, he received no royalties.
Bipartisan Bill Targets Online Spread of Child Sex Abuse Material
The legislation, responding to an investigation in The New York Times, would make tech companies more responsible for retaining data about abuse.
On Data Privacy, India Charts Its Own Path
A new law would give the country’s 1.3 billion people more power over data collected by companies but allow the government to exempt itself from the rules.
Facebook and Barr Escalate Standoff Over Encrypted Messages
With 1.5 billion users, Facebook’s WhatsApp is perhaps the world’s most commonly used encrypted communications platform.
Is Earth Getting Bigger Over Time?
The planet is a magnet for stuff: space dust, dead leaves, old refrigerators. Is all that mass adding up?
America’s Top Foundations Bankroll Attack on Big Tech
Major nonprofits and other organizations have pledged millions of dollars toward groups trying to build a modern trust-busting movement.


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