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Current feed - Reuters: Environment

Six bodies retrieved from New Zealand volcanic island, two still missing
A New Zealand military team in gas masks and hazmat suits recovered six bodies on Friday from the volcanic island that fatally erupted earlier this week, as doctors worked to save badly burned survivors.

Why New Zealand's volcano alerts aren't forecasts
New Zealand's geological agency downgraded its "alert level" for the White Island volcano this week - at the same time its own scientists said another eruption similar to Monday's deadly blast was increasingly likely.

New Zealand to redeploy dive teams on Saturday in search for body off volcano
A dive team will be redeployed on Saturday to search for a body that is believed to be in the waters off New Zealand's volcanic White Island that fatally erupted earlier this week, New Zealand's Police Commissioner said.

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EU leaves Poland out of 2050 climate deal after standoff
The European Union left Poland out of a 2050 climate neutrality agreement on Friday after hours of summit haggling with three poorer eastern member states that demanded more funds for economic transition and support for nuclear power.

Environmental group seeks California ban on 'super-toxic' rat poisons
An environmental group launched legal action on Thursday seeking to ban commercial use of "super-toxic" rat poisons in California, citing data showing the products pose a grave threat to a dozen endangered species and other wildlife.

NZ police will continue efforts to retrieve remaining two bodies on volcano
New Zealand's police commissioner said on Friday that authorities will continue their efforts to retrieve the remaining two bodies on the volcanic White Island that fatally erupted earlier this week.

EU can deploy Green Deal despite Poland left out of 2050 target - France
European Union leaders agreed on Friday to work towards the objective of convincing Poland to back a deal on climate neutrality by 2050 at a summit in June next year, the French presidency said. [nL8N28M6XR]

Poland needs transition money details before 2050 climate pledge
Poland needs information on how much money it can expect from the EU to support its energy transition before signing up for the EU's goal of being climate neutral in 2050, the head of the European Commission said.

Merkel broadly content with EU pledge for climate neutrality
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was broadly happy that EU leaders had committed to climate-neutrality by 2050, while acknowledging that Poland would need another six months to fully sign up.

Poland exempted from 2050 climate neutrality - PM
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he secured an exemption from 2050 climate neutrality for Poland in what he described as "difficult" talks at a summit of EU leaders in Brussels. [nL8N28M1GT]



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