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Why Derechos Are So Devilishly Difficult to Predict
The destructive storms, with winds over 75 mph, are often compared to inland hurricanes. But unlike a hurricane, a derecho can come out of nowhere.
If Only Any of the 'Hobbit' Movies Were the Right Length
Peter Jackson's trilogy is too long, the Rankin/Bass cartoon from the 1970s is too short. The proper length is somewhere in between.
The Very 2020 Ascent of Sarah Cooper
The comedian, whose impersonations of Trump garnered a huge following on social media, is now hosting late-night and getting her own Netflix special.
From Ellen DeGeneres to Tom Hanks, QAnon Has Infiltrated the Hollywood Rumor Mill
Plus: Kamala Harris' stance on Section 230, a doctor's duty to misinformed patients, and an iconic new Airbnb.
Who Needs a Folding Phone, Anyway?
This week, we look at the Microsoft Surface Duo and wonder if an expensive, dual-screen device like this one feels relevant, or just needlessly extravagant.
Makeup Classes Have Gone Virtual—and We Tried One Out
Many small companies and beauticians have updated in-store lessons for the new stay-at-home world. Think beauty YouTube, but better.
Making a Covid-19 Vaccine Is Hard. Making One for Kids Is Harder
As researchers deepen their understanding of children’s role in the pandemic, some argue they are being overlooked in the race to a vaccine.
'Project Power' Is a Secret Lesson About Science's Dark Side
Netflix's new film updates a played-out superhero trope with a hidden message about the evils of human experimentation.
Epic Games' Lawsuits Fire a Shot at Apple and Google's App Store 'Monopolies'
The Fortnite developer filed suits today in California that suggest it may even want to launch its own app stores on iOS and Android.
ISIS Allegedly Ran a Covid-19 PPE Scam Site
The Justice Department says that an agent of the terrorist organization operated, in part of a series of cryptocurrency-related complaints.


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