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The iOS 15 Privacy Settings You Should Change Right Now
Apple's latest software update has a bunch of new security features. Here's how to put them to use.
Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Is Oddly Light on Pro Features
The two top-tier iPhones are better than ever, but they’re not as tantalizing as the standard iPhone 13.
The Fitbit Charge 5 Is Our New Favorite Fitness Tracker
Even without the newest feature, this fitness band hits a sweet spot between price and functionality.
iPhone 13 and 13 Mini Review: Time to Upgrade
Looking to replace an old model? Apple’s newest non-Pro handsets are more than enough phone for most everyone.
Amazon Just Introduced Three New Kindle Paperwhites
The waterproof e-reader now comes in three different options, with bigger, brighter screens and faster response times.
In a Tiny Arctic Town, Food Is Getting Harder to Come By
For her new book, Devi Lockwood traveled around the world gathering stories of how people are being directly affected by a warming planet.
These Deepfake Voices Can Help Trans Gamers
Players of online games can be harassed when their voices don't match their gender identity. New AI-fueled software may help.
Why Does Asthma Get Worse at Night?
The question has plagued scientists for centuries. A new study offers some answers.
Meet the Voice Actress Behind Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Ayu Larassanti, the voice of Kena, talks about her Balinese background, how it influenced the game’s hero, and the importance of authentic casting.
Apple's iOS 15 Is Here—These Are All the Top New Features
Your iPhone's operating system is getting its annual upgrade. From FaceTime improvements to Safari's overhaul, we break the update down.


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