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Google's Android Red Team Had a Full Pixel 6 Pwn Before Launch
Before the flagship phone ever landed in users’ hands, the security team thoroughly hacked it by finding bugs and developing exploits.
Facebook's Message Encryption Was Built to Fail
The chat between a teen and her mom about an alleged abortion helped police build their case. Default end-to-end encryption would help others avoid their fate.
How the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid Could Expose Trump’s Secrets
The former president tried to connect the raid to the Watergate burglars. His privacy problems do relate to Nixon’s scandal—but not in the way he thinks.
How to Play Games From Your Netflix Account
The streaming giant offers free mobile games to all subscribers. Here’s how to find them—and what you should play first.
A Long-Awaited IoT Reverse Engineering Tool Is Finally Here
Ten years after it was first unveiled, the powerful firmware analysis platform Ofrak is now available to anyone.
Nobody Is Playing Netflix’s Games
New findings show 99 percent of subscribers may not even know the streaming giant’s video games exist.
The Hacking of Starlink Terminals Has Begun
It cost a researcher only $25 worth of parts to create a tool that allows custom code to run on the satellite dishes.
The Thirsty Suitors Demo Actually Does Its Job
Usually demos are kinda meh. This one very much isn’t.
Everything Samsung Announced at Galaxy Unpacked 2022
Say hello to two new foldable phones, new smartwatches, and a new pair of wireless earbuds.
How to Stay Cool Without Air-Conditioning
Be the coolest person on your block with these tips on how to hydrate, what to wear, and ways to turn your home into a refuge from the heat.


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