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Current feed - NASA Image of the Day

Astronaut Chris Cassidy Does Housekeeping in Space
This past weekend, NASA astronaut and Expedition 63 Commander Chris Cassidy was no exception as he collected trash for disposal during weekend housekeeping activities.
NASA Begins Installing Orion Adapter for First Artemis Moon Flight
Through the Artemis program, NASA is working to land the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024.
Candy-Colored Phobos
As of March 2020, our Mars Odyssey has captured these six views of the Martian moon Phobos.
This Gas Giant Is Pretty in Pink
If humans could travel to this giant planet, we would see a world still glowing from the heat of its formation with a color reminiscent of a dark cherry blossom, a dull magenta.
One Rehearsal Away from Touching Asteroid Bennu
NASA's OSIRIS-REx is ready for touchdown on asteroid Bennu.
Hubble Sees Near and Far
The barred spiral galaxy known as NGC 4907 shows its starry face from 270 million light-years away to anyone who can see it from the Northern Hemisphere. Appearing in this Hubble image to shine brightly below the galaxy is a star that is actually within our own Milky Way galaxy.
A Starry Sky Above the Earth's Atmospheric Glow
This long-exposure photograph captures a starry sky above the Earth's atmospheric glow.
Curiosity Celebrates 8 Years on the Red Planet
NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover touched down eight years ago, on Aug. 5, 2012, and will soon be joined by a second rover, Perseverance.
Outbursts from a Double Star System
For decades, astronomers have known about irregular outbursts from the double star system V745 Sco, which is located about 25,000 light years from Earth.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour Lifted Aboard Recovery Ship
Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft as it is lifted onto the SpaceX GO Navigator recovery ship shortly after landing.


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