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Grinch attacks reindeer in booze induced fury [Strange]
Strange [link] [11 comments]

Photoshop this tea strainer [Photoshop]
Photoshop [link] [10 comments]

Sharpen your puns: MN DOT is taking submissions for the next crop of snow plow names [PSA]
PSA [link] [62 comments]

The woman who bragged about the power going out in Moore County in protest of a drag show has a bit of a history. And yep, it's pretty much what you'd expect [Followup]
Followup [link] [70 comments]

Apparently, there is a new social media prank trend going on. If you own a car and go shopping, you might want to read this [Asinine]
Asinine [link] [113 comments]

Florida man sees police officer on a horse, then can't believe he's arrested for doing what any Florida man is expected to do in that situation [Florida]
Florida [link] [36 comments]

Clearwater PD: Florida man had sex with dog in front of people including children; damaged church property, a mailbox and potted plants. On the plus side Florida has no state income tax [Florida]
Florida [link] [68 comments]

Guns N'Roses sues someone for taking their name literally. Of course it would be a Texan [Stupid]
Stupid [link] [45 comments]

Man arrested after shooting at aptly named bar [Strange]
Strange [link] [18 comments]

Today marks the holiest of holy events on the Fark calendar, and is also coincidentally Liver Health Awareness Day [Obvious]
Obvious [link] [43 comments]



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