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+ What is an RSS feed?

Scroll down to read. Use the menu above to choose a different RSS feed. Note: As of 9/2022 CNN has been leaning to the right. As such, they have been taken off as the default feed. For now I'm going to use Google for the default.

The available RSS feeds are valid news sites that are all considered to be neutral. Nothing leaning too far left, nothing leaning too far right. Plus some fun stuff. Hope you find the page useful.

If you want to know more about how this works, please visit the Tutorial page to learn to make your own RSS reader.

Current feed - Totally Fake News Here

2022-10-26 - The GOP Platform for the Midterms
new domain
2022-10-18 - Moving to a subdomain
Tucker Carlson
2022-10-01 - Tucker Carlson Says Hurricanes are a Hoax
Queen Elizabeth
2022-09-08 - Drumpf Uses Queen's Death as a Fund Raiser
GOP having trouble
2022-08-13 - Vilifying Democrats is Getting More Difficult
FBI and Drumpf
2022-08-11 - FBI searches Mar-a-Lago
Colberts crew
2022-06-19 - You're Not Helping
2nd amendment pt2
2022-05-30 - Thoughts and Prayers
2nd amendment
2022-05-29 - Time to Reconsider the 2nd Amendment
2022-02-01 - Joe Rogan Under Fire


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