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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

His Blue LEDs Changed How We Light Our World
Nearly 30 years ago, Isamu Akasaki dazzled journalists with a bright pen light
RISC-V Star Rises Among Chip Developers Worldwide
The upstart RISC-V chip architecture has found international traction with its customizable open-source design and lack of licensing fees
Classify This Robot-Woven Sneaker With 3D-Printed Soles as "Footware"
Adidas’s Futurecraft.Strung running shoes explore complex geometries of support for the world’s fastest feet
Are Digital Humans the Next Step in Human-Computer Interaction?
The growing population of avatars that use AI smarts to interact with us is a major clue
Diamond-Based Quantum Accelerator Puts Qubits in a Server Rack
Its makers envision this device growing to 50+ qubits and fitting aboard satellites, autonomous vehicles
What Exactly Is Your Brain Doing When Reading Code?
Mulling over a computer program is not like thinking in everyday language—but it's not pure logic either
IBM Exec on Intel Chipmaking Collab: "Choose Your Strength"
In Intel and IBM's effort to battle international competitors, joint undertaking marks unlikely duo
Job For Particle Accelerators May Be Possible on Tabletop
Cold clouds of atoms—Bose-Einstein Condensates—will test quantum gravity, enable atom-scale lithography and prospect for minerals from afar
Let’s Thwart This Terrible Idea for Standards Setting
Yet another way that China–US tensions are threatening technological progress
New Tool Strips Manipulative "Dark Patterns" From Mobile Apps
Many apps try to trick us into doing things we didn't mean to, but a new tool could help take back control


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