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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

China to Launch Space Mining Bot
Chinese company sets out first steps towards extracting space resources
How the U.S. Can Apply Basic Engineering Principles To Avoid an Election Catastrophe
Election officials have all the information they need to ensure that voting in November will go smoothly. But will they use it?
Apptricity Beams Bluetooth Signals Over 30 Kilometers
The company is using precise beaming to develop a new asset tracking technique
Building Power Electronics With Microscopic Plumbing Could Save Enormous Amounts of Money
Designing semiconductor circuits hand-in-hand with microfluidic cooling systems could mean huge boosts in efficiency
First Photonic Quantum Computer on the Cloud
Toronto-based Xanadu suggests its system could scale up to millions of qubits
This Motorized Backpack Eases the Burden for Hikers
By accounting for inertial forces, the new design can reduce the metabolic energy required by the user
Robotics, AI, and Cloud Computing Combine to Supercharge Chemical and Drug Synthesis
IBM looks to revolutionize industrial chemistry and in the process may have cut the discovery time for Covid-19 treatments in half
Lightmatter's Mars Chip Performs Neural-Network Calculations at the Speed of Light
MIT spinoff harnesses optical computing to make neural-networks run faster and more efficiently
How I Helped a Disabled Friend With a Cycle-By-Wire Recumbent Trike
Engineering couldn’t cure a devastating illness, but it could still help someone cope with it
100 Million Zoom Sessions Over a Single Optical Fiber
Researchers can send 178 terabits/sec through a cable in the lab. The trick will be getting this bandwidth into the real world


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