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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

MRAM Tech Startup Says It’s Device Solves DRAM’s Row Hammer Vulnerability
Spin Memory's vertical gate-all-around transistor could shrink MRAM and other embedded memories
Robotic Chameleon Tongue Snatches Nearby Objects in the Blink of an Eye
The device, called Snatcher, could help robots quickly retrieve objects without getting too close to them
China Launches Beidou, Its Own Version of GPS
China places the final Beidou navigation system satellite into orbit
New AI Dupes Humans into Believing Synthesized Sound Effects Are Real
Using machine-learning, AutoFoley determines what actions are taking place in a video clip and creates realistic sound effects
5G Just Got Weird
Industry group 3GPP takes 5G in new directions in latest set of standards
Recycling Electronic Waste to Make Hybrid Materials
Hybrid material from recycled e-waste could boost steel hardness 125%
An Engineer, His Segway, and the ADA: A Tale of the Open Road
Technology and legislation allowed Walter Marsh to work and to explore despite a debilitating heart condition
New Records for AI Training
Nvidia leads MLPerf training rankings with 16 records
Startup and Academics Find Path to Powerful Analog AI
Equilibrium propagation allows all-analog training
Sergey Brin's Revolutionary $19 Airship
Brin’s humanitarian airship company LTA is trying to reinvent airships for the 21st century


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