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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

Quantum Memory Milestone Boosts Quantum Internet Future
Record efficiency in storing and retrieving quantum entanglement paves the way for connecting quantum internet nodes
Deep Learning Has Reinvented Quality Control in Manufacturing—but It Hasn’t Gone Far Enough
AI systems that make use of “lifelong learning” techniques are more flexible and faster to train
AI System Beats Supercomputer in Combustion Simulation
Cerebras Systems says CS-1 can solve huge simulations at speeds no CPU- or GPU-based system can achieve
IoT Makes Fire Detection Systems Smarter
A combination of cloud computing, sensors, and an IoT gateway provide valuable intelligence for firefighters before they get to an emergency.
Flexible, Wearable Sensors Detect Workers’ Fatigue
The new sensors work by measuring breathing and perform similarly to a flow meter
Say Kaixo!
Europe Builds Bespoke Translation Machines
Rapid Scale-Up of Commercial Ion-Trap Quantum Computers
Honeywell releases 10-qubit commercial system, IonQ claims 32-qubit beta
Thin Holographic Video Display For Mobile Phones
Samsung video display aimed at putting holograms in our hands
What We Lose When We Lose Museums
By the time the pandemic ends, roughly one-third of U.S. museums may be gone. That would be a very bad thing.
Hum to Google to Identify Songs
The feature may resurrect concerns big tech is listening in on us


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