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Current feed - IEEE Spectrum Tech Talk

Pride in Tech: How Lotus Championed Gay Rights During the AIDS Crisis
The leader in personal-computer software also aimed to be the most progressive company in the world
Rocket Mining System Could Blast Ice from Lunar Craters
A concept competing for a NASA award would use an enclosed rocket engine and vacuum system to harvest water ice from the lunar surface
Backscatter Radio at Gigabit Speeds
RFID's faster cousin could lead to high-speed, low-power data transfer
Two Natural-Language AI Algorithms Walk Into A Bar...
...And reveal some persistently bigoted tendencies of GPT-3
New AI Proves to Be a Trash Sorter Extraordinaire
GarbageNet has the potential to divert compost and recyclables from the landfill
Harnessing the Wild Power of AI Image Generation
A layout- and style-based architecture shows how to control AI capabilities to generate complex images
Electric Flying Cars May Be Possible With New Batteries
Lithium-ion cells with nickel foil can handle fast charging and could sustain 80-kilometer flights
These Technologists Are Trying to Make COVID-19 Risk Assessment More of a Science
The microCOVID Project crunches your location and desired activity into a real-world risk estimate
Mars-bound Astronauts Might Raid This Zero-G Fridge
Engineers at Purdue University have built a prototype of a refrigerator that works in zero gravity
Terran R Rocket from Relativity Space Will Be Completely 3D Printed, Completely Reusable
The first stage, second stage, and payload fairing of the Terran R will all be recovered and flown again


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