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Current feed - NYT > Technology

A Third of TikTok’s U.S. Users May Be 14 or Under, Raising Safety Questions
Three current and former employees expressed concerns about the Chinese-owned app’s safeguards for preteen children.
Fortnite Creator Sues Apple and Google After Ban From App Stores
Epic Games, the maker of the popular game, provoked the tech giants by violating their policies, then released a social media campaign and lawsuits to confront them.
Oracle Pay Bias Case: Trump’s Labor Chief Accused of Intervening
A Labor Department lawyer asserts that she faced reprisal after saying Secretary Eugene Scalia was set to settle a suit for a sum she found too low.
A Steal Might Actually Be a Raw Deal
Netflix, Apple and the rest must figure out what bundles we love, and which we’ll grow to hate.
Pinterest Employees Demand Gender and Race Equality
More than 200 said they stood in solidarity with three former co-workers who have accused the company of discrimination.
How Apple’s 30% App Store Cut Became a Boon and a Headache
App makers like the game company Epic and the music service Spotify are challenging Apple’s right to a large cut of their sales. Regulators have taken notice.
Kamala Harris and Disinformation: Debunking 3 Viral Falsehoods
False and misleading information about Ms. Harris has surged in the days since she joined the Biden ticket.
Trying to Make It Big Online? Getting Signed Isn’t Everything
Young people come to Los Angeles in droves with dreams of fame and fortune. Once they’re discovered, it’s not always sunny.
Think QAnon Is on the Fringe? So Was the Tea Party
Followers of the pro-Trump conspiracy movement are winning elections and worrying moderate Republicans. Sound familiar?
A playbook for combating QAnon
QAnon can no longer be ignored. What internet companies could do to stop its spread.


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