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Microsoft-Activision Blizzard Deal: U.K. Agency Signals Approval
Britain’s antitrust regulator said the companies had addressed its main concerns about the $69 billion deal, though final approval is yet to come.
CEO of DuckDuckGo Testifies in Google Case
Gabriel Weinberg of the search engine DuckDuckGo was the first competitor to testify in the Justice Department’s antitrust trial against Google.
The Lawyers Sam Bankman-Fried Once Trusted Are Drawing Criticism
Mr. Bankman-Fried and his allies have blasted Sullivan & Cromwell, the New York law firm managing FTX’s bankruptcy, for its tangled relationship with the crypto exchange.
TV Networks’ Last Best Hope: Boomers
Viewers have fled prime-time lineups for streaming outlets, with one notable exception: people over 60.
Netflix Prepares to Send Its Final Red Envelope
The company’s DVD subscription service is ending this month, bringing to a close an origin story that ultimately upended the entertainment industry.
The Man Who Trapped Us in Databases
Hank Asher was a drug smuggler with a head for numbers — until he figured out how to turn Americans’ private information into a big business.
Rupert Murdoch to Retire From Fox and News Corporation Boards
The move leaves his son Lachlan as the sole executive in charge of the global media empire.
How to Use Social Media, According to Teen Girls
Parents and public health experts have a lot to say about what adolescent girls do on their phones. We asked teens to weigh in.
Google’s Bard Just Got More Powerful. It’s Still Erratic.
The chatbot now pulls information from a user’s Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive accounts. The feature leaves a lot to be desired.
Space-Based Solar Power Is a Possible Alternative Energy Source
Space-based solar power, once a topic for science fiction, is gaining interest.


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