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Current feed - NYT > Technology

The Boy Bosses of Silicon Valley Are on Their Way Out
They rode their unicorns to fame and fortune. In a rocky market, it got a little less fun.
How to Change These Default Settings and Be Happier With Your Tech
Simple steps can make your smartphone, computer and TV work better for you.
Former Twitter Employee Convicted of Charges Related to Spying for Saudis
A federal jury in San Francisco deliberated for nearly three days before convicting him on six charges while acquitting him on five others in the two-week trial.
Why the CHIPS Act Exists and What It Could Mean for the U.S.
What a $280 billion law signed by President Biden this week might mean for Americans.
Why Issey Miyake Was Steve Jobs’s Favorite Designer
The real beginning of the fashion-technology love affair and its legacy lies with Issey Miyake, who died last week.
Hunting for Voter Fraud, Conspiracy Theorists Organize ‘Stakeouts’
A nascent effort to surveil drop boxes for potential fraud is taking shape in at least 10 states, worrying election officials and law enforcement.
Justice Dept. Said to Conduct New Interviews in Inquiry Into Google’s Ad Tech
The Justice Department for more than a year has investigated whether Google abuses its dominance over the interlocking technologies that deliver ads online.
Coinbase Reports 63% Drop in Revenue Amid Crypto Industry Slump
The cryptocurrency exchange lost more than $1 billion in the second quarter.
Biden Signs Industrial Policy Bill Aimed at Bolstering Competition With China
The legislation invests in American chip manufacturing and is part of a streak of legislative successes that President Biden is planning to highlight as the midterm elections approach.
Ford Raises Prices of F-150 Lightning Electric Truck
Demand for electric vehicles has been far stronger than the supply of battery materials like lithium, nickel and cobalt.


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