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Police Chief Mary O'Connor resigns after bodycam video shows her flashing her badge and asking to 'just let us go tonight'
• Former Fort Worth police officer stands trial in the 2019 killing of Atatiana Jefferson • Proud Boys want DC police officer to testify in their defense at upcoming trial
Retired sergeant reacts to video of police chief flashing badge
Retired Los Angeles Police Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey reacts to Tampa Police Chief Mary O'Connor, who flashed her badge during a traffic stop. Dorsey claims the interaction is "not a big deal" and regular behavior between officers.
North Carolina governor will give an update on power outages and attacks on substations

FBI joins probe into power outage caused by 'intentional' attacks
• North Carolina substations were 'targeted.' What we know so far • Video: CNN reporter outlines big questions around power grid attack
'Times Square killer' pleads guilty to 1 woman's murder and admits killing 4 others
A man known as the "Times Square Killer" -- already serving life for murder -- admitted five additional cold-case killings Monday in a New York court.
School districts encourage students to wear pink for 7-year-old after FedEx driver was charged in her killing
Several school districts across Texas are encouraging students to wear pink Monday in honor of Athena Strand, the 7-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped outside her home and killed last week.
Letters from surviving roommates read at church memorial service for slain University of Idaho students
At a memorial service for four University of Idaho students who were found stabbed to death last month, a pastor from an Idaho church read aloud letters from the surviving roommates, recalling their memories of their friends and sharing their sadness.
Dementia risk may increase if you're eating these foods, study says
• How are hearing aids and dementia related? A new study explains • Study: Slow cognitive decline with flavonols • Video: See moment Chris Hemsworth learns of a shocking health secret in his DNA • Demand for hospital-grade cribs on the rise
'I had to be here to defend the people of Ukraine': Russian soldiers resist Putin's invasion
• Live updates: Missile debris found in Moldova, almost 2 miles from Ukrainian border • Putin visits key Crimea bridge damaged by huge explosion in October
See bird's-eye view of Mauna Loa spewing lava
CNN's David Culver gets a bird's-eye view of Mauna Loa's eruption, the world's largest active volcano on Hawaii's Big Island.


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