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The governor and potential GOP presidential candidate is governing unconstrained by the traditional checks on executive authority
• DeSantis suspends Tampa prosecutor who took stance against criminalizing abortion providers
DeSantis suspends Tampa prosecutor who took stance against criminalizing abortion providers
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday suspended Tampa's elected prosecutor, Andrew Warren, for pledging not to use his office to go after people who seek and provide abortions or on doctors that provide gender affirming care to transgender people.
Hear what prosecutor suspended by DeSantis had to say about him
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended Tampa's elected prosecutor, Andrew Warren, over a perceived '"woke" agenda for pledging to not use his office to go after people who seek and provide abortions. He speaks with CNN's Laura Coates.
Biden faces October deadline to decide whether to help Trump avoid questions in Strzok lawsuit
President Joe Biden's White House has until mid-October to decide if he wants to assert executive privilege and hinder an effort to obtain testimony from former President Donald Trump about Trump's pressure campaign to get a then-top FBI agent fired.
Trump fields calls from Republican allies to speed up 2024 bid after FBI search
Top Republicans who have spent months trying to dissuade Donald Trump from announcing another presidential campaign before the midterms are coming around to the idea, after an unprecedented search of the former President's Mar-a-Lago property by federal investigators on Monday lit up the GOP base.
Opinion: Republican extremists defending Trump could complicate their party's chances
Once again, breaking news about former President Donald Trump has caused political shockwaves, sending speculation into overdrive on "what it all means" for Trump, the GOP and the November elections.
Trump takes the Fifth at deposition
• Wall Street Journal: Informant tipped off investigators about more documents at Mar-a-Lago • These documents are the 'Rosetta Stone' of FBI's Mar-a-Lago search, Elie Honig says • Opinion: Ominous warnings after search of Trump's home make no sense
Yellen directs IRS not to use new funding to increase chances of audits of Americans making less than $400,000

3 people died and 39 homes were damaged after house explosion in Indiana
Three people have died and at least 39 homes were damaged after an explosion in Evansville, Indiana Fire Department Chief Mike Connelly confirmed in a news conference on Wednesday.
Hours before Albuquerque killings suspect was publicly identified, CNN reporters were inside his home



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