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Current feed - BBC News - World

Donald Trump refuses to answer questions in New York investigation
State officials are investigating whether the Trump Organization misled lenders and tax authorities.
Ukraine war: Crimea airbase badly damaged, satellite images show
New pictures show extensive damage to buildings and warplanes after explosions hit the Russian base.
John Bolton: Iranian man charged in US over alleged assassination plot
US officials say the alleged plot to kill John Bolton was likely in revenge for a senior commander's death.
Meta's chatbot says the company 'exploits people'
The new prototype doesn't think much of the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, either.
Panamanian politician posts SOS after crashing in jungle
Dimitri Flores posts video from the scene with the remains of his helicopter visible in the background.
South Africa sex crime: Authorities charge seven over gang rape
The case is connected to an attack on eight women filming a music video at an abandoned mine.
Australia Covid: Contact tracing app branded expensive 'failure'
The health minister urges people to delete the contact-tracing app, which identified just two infections.
Enas Taleb: Iraqi actress to sue Economist over 'fat' picture
Enas Taleb says she is suing the newspaper over a picture of her on an article about "fat" women.
France whale: Beluga put down during dramatic rescue mission
French officials say the whale's condition worsened as it was being moved from the Seine to the sea.
Kenya elections 2022: Raila Odinga and William Ruto in tight race for president
More than 90% of polling stations have reported, but the official result may not be known for days.


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