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Current feed - BBC News - World

Afghan girls school ban would be un-Islamic, Pakistan PM says
Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks to the BBC's John Simpson about events in neighbouring Afghanistan.
President Biden urges unity in first UN speech amid tensions with allies
Joe Biden called for cooperation in his first speech as US president to the UN General Assembly.
Third Russian accused by UK police of poison attack
Denis Sergeev is thought to have been the on-the-ground commander for the 2018 poisonings.
Russian students grieve after deadly Perm university attack
The city of Perm is holding a day of mourning after a gunman killed six people, including teenagers.
Canada election: Trudeau stays in power but Liberals fall short of majority
His Liberal Party retains power but he fails to secure the majority he wanted when calling the snap election.
Canary Islands volcano: Hundreds more evacuated as La Palma lava nears sea
Officials fear lava could trigger toxic gasses when it reaches the sea on the Canary Islands resort.
Pew study: Little change in India's religious make-up in 70 years
The population trebled in 70 years but saw few changes to its religious composition, a study shows.
Mundra Port: Nearly three tonnes of heroin seized at Gujarat port
The seized drugs reportedly have a street value of more than $2.7bn.
Migrants in Texas: US probes horseback charge on Haiti migrants
Images which seem to show border agents on horseback driving migrants back spark an investigation.
Russia behind Litvinenko murder, rules European rights court
The former Russian spy, who became a British citizen, was poisoned in London with polonium in 2006.


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