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As officials prepare for Biden's inauguration at the Capitol, authorities are still piecing together a picture of chaos and violence that exposed major security failures
Federal authorities are piecing together a chilling picture of the January 6 insurrection that reveals major security and intelligence failures, underscores profound fissures in American society and hints at the political challenges ahead for President-elect Joe Biden, even as they race to ensure the safety of US leaders and next week's inauguration.

Why experts fear the Capitol attack is just the beginning
The US Capitol is surrounded by fences and troops amid fear the January 6 riots could spark violence this weekend and leading up to Wednesday's inauguration.

Police arrest New Mexico man near US Capitol for alleged role in January 6 riot
• Acting secretary of defense orders NSA chief to install Trump loyalist as general counsel • Fact check: The 15 most notable lies of Donald Trump's presidency

Analysis: Trump stays out of sight as transfer of power nears
The nation is entering inauguration week with an unnerving police and military presence guarding the vestiges of democracy -- with Americans holding their breath as federal officials warn about threats of violence and potential unrest that have clouded preparations for the ceremonies that will usher President-elect Joe Biden into the White House and send President Donald Trump back to private life.

Shocking new video from inside Capitol riots
A video released by The New Yorker shows rioters roaming through the US Capitol. CNN's Fredricka Whitfield and national security analyst Shawn Turner discuss.

Protests at state capitols remain small and under heavy police presence after warnings of unrest
Law enforcement in Washington, DC, and state capitols across the country remained on high alert Sunday amid warnings of armed protests ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

'Hard to watch': Ex-FBI deputy director on chilling new video
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe weighs in on new video from The New Yorker showing rioters inside the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection.

Parler's website is back online with a brief message to 'lovers and haters'
• Tim Cook: Why Parler is off Apple's App Store • Cybersecurity expert: Groups like Proud Boys need to be treated like ISIS online • Opinion: Disinformation plunges after Trump is booted from Twitter

Melania Trump departing White House with lowest favorability of her tenure
• CNN Poll: Donald Trump's approval rating reaches new low • CNN Poll: Republican Party favorability dips as most want party to move on from Trump

In a last-minute move, NSA installing Trump loyalist as general counsel
The National Security Agency said Sunday it was installing Trump NSC staffer Michael Ellis as its general counsel, after acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller ordered NSA Director Gen. Paul Nakasone to place the Trump loyalist into the role.


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