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The impression Biden gave was unrecognizable compared to the President's mockery. Trump's efforts to portray his rival as senile could backfire.
How to vote in person, safely | Your 2020 voter guide

5 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall
Ask us your voting questions | Report your voting issues

What Trump and Biden said when asked similar questions
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump answered questions on Covid-19 and policing at two separate town halls hosted by CNN and ABC News.

Opinion: Why I confronted Trump at the town hall in Philadelphia
There are millions of people across the globe just like me. People beaten down by diseases we didn't ask for; diseases we were born with, or acquired. We are people who must face them on a daily basis, and for the rest of our lives, and for which we are minimized and ignored.

Trump voter to Biden: Excuse me, if I could finish ...
During a CNN town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a small business owner and 2016 Trump voter asks Biden about decreasing regulatory burdens for farmers and small business owners.

Analysis: Biden made his case for why he is the best leader at this critical moment
Former Vice President Joe Biden took questions from a socially-distanced crowd -- assembled in cars at a drive-in movie theater! -- and CNN's Anderson Cooper on Thursday night for two hours. But it was a single moment that stood out to me, a moment where Biden made his strongest possible case for not only why he and President Donald Trump see the world so differently but also for why he, and not Trump, is the best leader in this critical moment in the country.

CDC testing guidance was published outside normal review process, sources say
• An Idaho pastor skeptical of masks lands in the ICU for Covid-19 • As many as 51% of all school employees are at increased risk of Covid-19, study finds • US coronavirus case rates are ticking up after weeks of decline

US to block downloads of TikTok starting Sunday
• Trump's TikTok showdown is poised to reward his Silicon Valley political allies

Firefighter dies in the California wildfire sparked by gender reveal party

Carjacker held a couple hostage for hours then killed the husband, investigators say



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